KsfSwap Finance
  • Token Name: KsfSwap Finance
  • Symbol: KSF
  • Contract Address: 0x755d74d009f656ca1652cbdc135e3b6abfccc455
  • Chain: Kucoin Community Chain (KRC-20)

The basics

KSF is the native token of KsfSwap Finance, it helps members of the KSF community earn by joining our products.
Everyone can Earn KSF from Farms and Syrup Pools, by doing trade, or swap it on the exchange, then explore its use cases:
  • Stake to earn more Ksf.
  • Stake to earn Others Token for free!
  • Join Yield Farming to earn more Ksf.
  • Use Ksf to join KsfSwap farms Offering.
  • Use Ksf to Vote.
But that's not all, there's much more for KSF!

In detail

Check below to discover the nuts and bolts of how KSF works.
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