KsfSwap Finance
Business Partnerships

Farms and Pools

Farms incentivize users to provide liquidity for your trading pair by distributing KSF to your pair's LP Token holders.
Pools are a way of distributing your tokens to KCC users who stake KSF in the pool.
These two products go hand-in-paw on KsfSwap Finance, when a project provides their tokens for a Pool, we'll also create a Farm. If you're looking to distribute tokens and incentivize liquidity, get in touch.
Apply to run the Pool via our Support mail; [email protected]

KFOs (Token Sales)

"KFO" (KsfSwap Farm Offering) is a new model of token sale pioneered by KsfSwap Finance. Here's how it works, in short: Users buy your token with KSF-KCS LP tokens After the sale, we distribute the KCS to you and burn the KSF burn

How to list tokens in KsfSwap Finance?

Anybody can "list" any KRC-20 network token on KsfSwap. You don't need to contact us or ask permission. You just need to add liquidity - that's it. Traders can trade your token by entering your token's contract address.

How do I add my tokens to the default list?

The top 10 list is generated according to the highest volume for a specific period of time. As for the extended list; projects hosting pools will usually be added, and other tokens chosen by KsfSwap core team may also be added.